Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"I'm melting, I'm melting..." (said in my best Wicked Witch of the West voice)

     Well, I am thankful to report that my neck of the woods missed out on the huge snow/ice storm that is wreaking havoc on much of the country today!  Still, the snow is falling outside my window and the house is actually shaking from the 50 mph. wind gusts.  Not a good hair day, for sure! 
     All this wintry weather has me fantasizing about sandy beaches and fruity cocktails served in tacky souvenir cups by tanned men wearing nothing but....... What? A girl can dream, right?!
Heck, at this point, I would just settle for a temps above freezing.  I would love to feel my toes again. 
     Since the weather forecast doesn't look too promising for any potential thawing, I decided to take matters into my own hands.  These adorable cookies were all over blogland last year so I bookmarked a few sites in hopes of giving them a go.   The cookies really were quite simple to make.  I followed the simple, step-by-step tutorial from   I usually ice my cookies in royal icing or glace but, this time I wanted to try a new recipe for 'Meringue Buttercream" that I found on  Karen is an amazing decorator with a website that not only sells cookie making supplies, but also offers lots of recipes and tutorials.  The meringue buttercream recipe is quite tasty and keeps a nice sheen even after drying.  It doesn't dry as hard as royal icing but still, I was able to stack some cookies without damaging the icing.
     So,  if you are snowed in this week or just feel as if you've reached your melting point, why not try making these fun Melted Snowman Cookies?  At least we can dream of spring.